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The Globelics Secretariat has raised funding from SIDA and Aalborg University to support travel expenses for scholars from developing countries with accepted papers to the Globelics Conference.
Only scholars with accepted application for travel support can be reimbursed. The reimbursement procedure starts after the conference. It is therefore not possible to receive cheque, cash or other forms of payment at the conference.
Reimbursement will not be possible without original documentation. You are required to send original documentation within a maximum of 7 days from return to your original destination. Reimbursement applications received after this date will not be considered valid, and the granted travel support will be cancelled. Original documentation is: original air ticket, stubs and documentation for the actual price you paid for the ticket. If a copy of the travel agency invoice is not available, a copy of your credit card statement showing the charge will be necessary. If your university or organization has disbursed the cost of your ticket, the university or organization will need to send an invoice with copies of the original documentation.
To receive reimbursement, please:
  • Fill in the Reimbursement Form (available for download below) and enclose all original documentation.
  • Scan SIGNED Reimbursement Form and original documentation and email to the Globelics Secretariat to Ms. Dorte Baymler, who will be in charge of the reimbursements after the conference has ended. Label the mail "Reimbursement Globelics 2014" and your last name in the subject line.
  • Post (by physical mail) the Reimbursement Form and the original documents to the Globelics Secretariat, att.: Dorte Baymler

Postal address:
Aalborg University
Department of Business and Management
Globelics Secretariat
Fibigerstraede 11
Room 105
9220 Aalborg
Att. Dorte Baymler 

Email address:

If you have any questions related to your travel support, please write to the Globelics Secretariat at
Nina Kotschenreuther,
Jul 9, 2014, 1:26 AM