Special Session B

Innovation in Ethiopia

In 2012 Ethiopia launced its new Science, Technology and Innovation Policy. This policy is expected to align the country's STI activities with its development goals. The policy focuses on building the country's technological capabilities at a range of levels - from supporting and promoting the development of new technologies to building the competences and capabilities to introduce and adopt existing technologies from elsewhere. In short it focuses strongly on the importance of building Triple Helix type connections between academia, industry and government.

The policy takes into cognizance the history of Ethiopia and the need to manage the relationships between these three stakeholder groups within this context. Therefore an emphasis is needed on the mediating role of the government not only in terms of providing facilitating policy but also initially in its role as a supplier and as a consumer of STI related activity.

This special session will outline the 11 pillars of the STI policy, discuss the success of its intervention to date specifically focusing on the challenges and opportunities available to develop strong university - industry - government linkages.

Dr. Solomon Getachew, Science Advisor, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ehtiopia

Prof. Mammo Muchie, Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa
Prof. Youngrak Choi, Korean Consultant on STI Policy
Dr. Mahaha Ouedraogo, African Union Department of Human Resources Science and Technology
Mr. Asrat Bulbula, Midroc Ethiopia
Padmashree Gehl Sampath, (UNCTAD) United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Geneva, Switzerland

Dr. Solomon Getachew, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ethiopia