Themes & Special Sessions

The 12th Globelics International Conference will give attention to a wide set of themes covering important aspects linking innovation and competence-building to development. The location of the conference in Ethiopia and Africa is reflected in the list of themes. Special attention will be given to public-private partnerships, including University-Industry relationships.

Conference themes are:
  1. Public-private partnerships for innovation-based development

  2. University-Industry relationships and the promotion of learning, innovation, and competence building systems

  3. Overcoming raw material curse through new manufacturing and service activities

  4. National strategies to stimulate spill overs from BRIC-presence in Africa.

  5. Indigenous knowledge, informal sector, innovation and development.

  6. Work organization, education and economic development

  7. Inclusive innovation, gender and development

  8. Science, technology and innovation policy and politics

  9. Innovation, sustainable development and energy in the South

  10. Financial institutions, intellectual property rights, innovation and development.

  11. National and regional innovation systems

  12. Sectoral innovation systems, industrial policy and development

  13. Trade, FDI, value chains and innovation networks

  14. Innovation, growth and catching-up

  15. Innovation management, organisational learning innovation and development

Special sessions

The deadline (1st of March 2014) for submission of proposals for a special session during the conference has expired. It is no longer possible to upload submissions. The following special sessions will be organised in Addis Ababa:

  • "Innovation and development with special reference to the Ethiopian situation." Organised by the Local Organisers in Ethiopia.
  • “Engineering and design and economic development”. Organised by Hailemichael Teshome Demissie, Thswane University of Technology, South Africa.
  • State of the art STI-indicators in Africa. Organised by the Local Organisers in Ethiopia, prepared with support from Claes Brundenius, Lund University, Sweden, Erika Kramer-Mbula, Institute for Economic Research on Innovation, South Africa, and experts from the NEPAD-ASTII project.
  •  “Transformation from natural resource based to knowledge based economy” (the theme of the Globelics Thematic Review 2014). Organised by Allan Dahl Andersen, Globelics Secretariat/Oslo University, Norway.
  • “Innovation for local health: Addressing local needs in a globalised context”. Organised by The Open University UK
  • “Fostering youth entrepreneurship in Africa: opportunities, challenges, and policy implications”. Organised by Thomas Schiøtt, University of Southern Denmark, with support from IDRC.

Decisions regarding special sessions are taken by the Conference Scientific Committee. If you have questions relating to the organisation of special sessions, please contact the Conference Organising Committee.